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Placebo forget your meds
Between school, full time work, all my family shit, when I do find an hour or two to myself to just dick around on the internet I find that I no longer have friends here. Which is sad, since there here and now of my life has really kicked me in the ass a lot of great friends that I had on the internet are no longer friends. Fall off for a bit and you miss absolutely everything. Hell, I leave the internet for a single week and I feel like I'm crawling out of the pond. 

Here I am. Cat sitting on my boobs and chewing on my necklace, watching Dooms Day Preppers because I can't sleep (thanks daylight savings time) and thank Jesus I don't have to work until later tomorrow. Though I have come to the conclusion that I'm going to write a book. Nothing ground breaking, for most people at least. I want to write an at least half way decent lesbian romance novel/book/paperback. Just to say that I did it. Also with the hopes that I can prove that not all lesbian books are complete shit, because believe me, everything I've ever seen have been complete and absolute shit. 

Other then that I'm mucking through. Lonely as usual. Missing people I shouldn't be (damn my pride) and I find that I talk to myself more than is probably healthy. My job is still good, but it's gotten to the point where I do hate it on a certain level which is comforting. That means that I will only be there for a year more or so, if that. I refuse to live much longer than that under the control of such a company and at the mercy of Secret Shoppers. 


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